Handling Bad Orders / Cancelling Orders

Sometimes there can be price fluctuations on Amazon or items can go out of stock between the time an item sold on eBay and the time that you process the order. This can mainly happen, when you don't use Auto Ordering.

This video will suggest a way to deal with and cancel orders within eBay directly. 

Using Auto Ordering? 

If you are using our auto ordering feature and you still need to cancel an order, then there is an easy way for you to do so. 

Navigate to your Auto Ordering Report

First you will have to navigate to you Auto Ordering Report via REPORTS > AUTO ORDERING.

Select the Orders

Next, select the order you would like to cancel.

Move the orders to the Cancelled tab

Lastly, find the dropdown in the upper right hand corner and select the option 'Move order/s to the Cancelled Tab'.

Click on GO

Finally, click on GO to move the orders to the cancelled tab. You can check the 'cancelled tab' to make sure the orders have been moved correctly.

Please note: Moving the order to the cancelled tab in Profit Scraper, does not cancel the order in eBay. You will still have to cancel the order manually in eBay.

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