Re-placing failed orders

If you are using Auto Ordering and you come across orders that could not be placed for various reasons, you can read this article to learn how to retry placing a failed order. 

We recommend: Before you retry any order please double check that it hasn't been placed on Amazon, just incase!

How to re-place a failed order

Navigate to your  Auto Ordering Report
Tick the boxes for one or more orders which you would like to re-place. 
In the top right corner click on "Please Choose" and a dropdown will open. 
You can select between three different options to re-place an order, see below: 
  • Retry selected order(s) and add address only - This only adds the address and doesn't attempt to place the order.
  • Retry and place selected order(s) - This will attempt to retry orders individually. Orders will not be bundled together.
  • Retry and place selected orders (Bundled) - If you would like to place the orders as a bundle (e.g. to qualify for free shipping) then choose this option. Alternatively if you do not yet have enough orders to retry at once, you can set the order to wait until new orders come in by choosing the Re-queue for bundle order option.
Click on the relevant option and press "Go". 
The selected order(s) will now be queued for order placement. 

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