Forwarding Rules for Amazon Tracking

For users that are using FULL auto ordering, you can now automatically upload Amazon tracking numbers to your eBay account as soon as the tracking number is available at Amazon.  

Please note: You MUST use a gmail account in order for this feature to work.

Emails by Country

Below are the email addresses you will need to set up your forwarding rules. Please select the email for the country you are selling in. If you are selling in more than 1 country, you will have to add multiple forwarding rules to your gmail account.

Receive From Emails

Forward To Emails

Below are the steps for setting up a forwarding rule in your gmail account. 

Setting up the Forwarding Rule

Log into your account.
Click the "Settings" icon.


Add Forwarding Address

Firstly, click on the tab called 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' and then click 'Add a forwarding address'.

Next, add one of the below forwarding email addresses:

Google Confirmation Code
Profit Scraper will now receive a confirmation code from Gmail and will then forward this to your own Gmail account within a few minutes.  Please add this code into the field as seen below and click on 'Verify'. You could also just click the confirmation link inside the email itself instead.

Disable Forwarding
Next, you will need to ensure to tick the option 'Disable Forwarding', as otherwise ALL of your emails will be forwarded to the 'psamazon' email address.

Set up your Filter

On the gmail settings, now click on the 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' tab. Then click 'Create a new filter'. 

Add the Amazon shipment email into the first field, as seen below.

Please note: The email address to use depends on the country you are selling in, please chose the relevant 'receive from email' from the list below

Now click on 'Create filter' with this search at the bottom:

Lastly, tick the box for the option 'Forward it to', and click on 'Create filter' at the bottom.

Test the Feature

You should now all be set up correctly but should still test that the feature is working ok for you.

Tip! You can test whether this feature is working for you by checking whether the tracking has been uploaded to an order in eBay which has been placed a minimum 1 hour after you have added the rule.

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