Auto Ordering Benefits and Pricing

Auto Ordering is an automatic feature that places your eBay orders on Amazon automatically. On this image below you can see there are two options for you to chose from: 

Address Only
Full Auto Ordering

The supported stores for Auto Ordering are seen below: 

Auto Ordering Pricing 

For the option "Full Auto Ordering" we charge a small fee per order, which is USD 0.15 per order. 

The fee will only be charged for successfully placed orders and will automatically be added to your next monthly invoice.

How can I benefit from Auto Ordering?

Avoid loss in profit margin 
Not using Auto Ordering will force you to manually place your orders on Amazon. As orders can come in 24/7, there might be a delay in placing orders which might in turn result in price increases on Amazon. These price increases might then cause your profit margins to decrease. Auto Ordering will help you avoid this decrease as orders are placed in less than 10 min. of the sale being made. 
Avoid lost opportunity to improve your feedback score
With every order placed via Auto Ordering, a positive feedback is left on your eBay account. Read this article for more info
Save time!
You will not only save time from placing orders on Amazon, you will also save time as Auto Ordering will automatically add the Amazon shipment tracking to eBay. Read this article for   more info
On top of this, Auto Ordering will automatically set an order to 'Dispatched' in your eBay account straight after the order has been successfully placed on Amazon. 

Ready to set up Auto Ordering? 

Click  here to see the article about "Setting up Auto Ordering".  

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