Amazon Security Code

When using our Auto Ordering system, there are usually no issues with security. Occasionally though, Amazon could send you a verification code because they are suspicious about the order that has been placed. 

Why does this happen? 

This usually happens, when you are logging into your Amazon account directly at the same time as Profit Scraper logging in to place your order. 

What is the solution to this? 

We have developed a solution for this which prevents our members from having to manually deal with this problem, every time an order is placed. 

For this solution to work, you will have to set up a Gmail forwarder, which will then allow Profit Scraper to automatically send the Amazon Security Code from your gmail account to Amazon.

How to set up the Gmail forwarder? 

Step 1

First of all, type the following text into the Gmail search bar:  

 subject: "amazon verification code" 

This will filter your inbox to only show the relevant emails from Amazon. 

Step 2 

Click into one of the emails that have been filtered in step 1. You will see an email looking like the below example. 

Step 3 

Now we need to set up a filter, so these emails are automatically forwarded to Profit Scraper. 

First, click on the downwards pointing arrow, then click on 'Filter messages like this', as seen below: 

Step 4

A window will open as seen on the screenshot below. 

Ensure that the two fields 'Filter From' and 'Subject' are filled in as seen below. Then click on 'Create filter with this search'. 

Please note: If you are selling in the USA, the email in the 'Filter From' field, needs to be changed to ''. Other countries will also need to be updated with the relevant country code. 

Step 5

On the next window, tick the option 'Forward it to', then click on 'add forwarding address'. 

Step 6

Click on 'add a forwarding address'

Add the following email address to the free text field: Then click on 'Next'.

Finally, click on 'Proceed' as seen below. 

Step 7 

You will receive a notification, that a confirmation code has been sent to to verify permission. Simply click 'OK'. 

We will also send a copy of this email to your email address.

Please note: You have to copy the verification code from the email into the respective field in Google, as seen below:

That's it! You only have to do the above steps once. 

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