Limited Quantity Orders when Auto Ordering

What are my options when an item I've sold on eBay is a Limited Quantity item on Amazon?

You will have three options as to how to handle your eBay listing should Auto Ordering determine that the item is a limited quantity item on Amazon.

You will be able to do nothing, keep selling and auto ordering the item from Amazon.
You could delist the item from your eBay account to prevent future issues.
You could set the eBay listing as out of stock until you have time to research your quantity limits and determine if you should continue to sell this item. 

To choose which option you want, you will go to Account --> Settings --> Marketplace Settings and scroll down to Limited Quantity and select the option that works best for you.

Please note: If choosing option 3 (set as out of stock) , the "custom stock level" for the item will be set to 0 and the item will also be set to out of stock as soon as the Auto ordering system first encounters the "limited quantity" error when trying to place your order on Amazon for that item. When you are ready to start selling the item again, you need to remove the custom stock level. To remove it, go to Tools > eBay > Price/Stock Monitoring. Then click on the Monitored items tab and search for the item. Then in the "Custom Stock level" column, remove the 0 custom stock level setting. On the next monitoring run, your item will be set back to "In Stock" as long as it's in stock on Amazon.

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