Disabling Auto Ordering for Selected Items

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Disable Auto Ordering for Selected Listings

If you are using Auto Ordering and would like to disable this feature for selected listings only, then please follow the below steps to do so: 

Navigate to your Price/Stock Monitoring Report 

Then click on the tab 'Monitored Items' to see  your monitored listings:

Find the selected listings 

Find the listings for which you would like to disable Auto Ordering. 

There are multiple options to find the listings:

  • Use the 'Search Box' in the top right-hand corner
  • Use the 'Pagination' at the bottom of the page 
  • Use the 'Sort By' options within each column, as seen below

Disable Auto Ordering (AO) 

Once you found your selected item/s you can now click on the button in the last column of the report, as seen below:

On clicking this button, Auto Ordering will be stopped for any new orders received for this product.  

Please note: If an order is already processing, while clicking the button, this order will be completed by the system and can't be stopped. 

Forcing Auto Ordering for previously disabled items

If you wish to place an order through our Auto Ordering system for items which have previously been disabled from Auto Ordering, you can still do that by following the below steps: 

Step 1

Go to your Auto Ordering Report and find those items that are not ordered due to previously being disabled from Auto Ordering. You can find these orders via the logs, see below: 

Then select the orders that you wish to force to be placed via Auto Ordering via the checkbox in the first column of the report. 

Step 2

Now find the dropdown in the top right-hand corner and select either of the two options marked in red below: 

Click on the blue 'Go' button. Your order will now be placed via Auto Ordering. 

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