Multiple Amazon Accounts

Adding multiple Amazon Accounts to your Profit Scraper account has two benefits: 

Multiple Amazon accounts can be used for spreading orders across multiple accounts evenly
Multiple Amazon accounts can be set up as “back up” accounts, which could be useful for reprocessing orders which failed to process for reasons such as “limited quantity”

Watch this video or read on below: 

So let’s have a look at this flowchart to visualise these two benefits: 

Scenario 1

The left side shows the scenario in which you as a member have a high volume of orders.Our new feature allows you to split your orders across your multiple Amazon accounts evenly, therefore speeding up the processing of orders.

Scenario 2

The right side shows the scenario in which you need to reprocess failed orders. By enabling the multiple Amazon accounts feature, you can choose which of the Amazon accounts you would like to use for reprocessing each failed order. This is useful if you have reached the limited quantity limit on your main Amazon account, so that you could instead order the item on the, let’s call it, “backup” Amazon account.

Setting up Multiple Amazon Accounts

You can find our new feature within the navigation menu under  Account Settings Additional Amazon Accounts

Once on the right page, simply fill out the 4 form fields. If you are running your Amazon account with gift cards only, you don’t have to fill in the credit card details. Now click save and the Amazon account has been added to your PS account. It is as easy as that.

If you are a high volume seller and wish to spread your orders across multiple Amazon accounts, then an additional setting is required. This can be found under Account Settings Marketplaces Settings. On the Auto Ordering Tab, find the setting for “Automatically rotate orders between Amazon accounts?” and set this to YES. Save these settings and you are done.

Use this feature to re-process failed orders

Due to limited quantity issues you might want to use another Amazon Account to place the orders there.

Start by opening your Auto Ordering Reports, under  Reports Auto Ordering. Find an item with limited quantity, marked with a purple line.

Select this item and then find the option “Retry and place order” in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click on GO and a window will open on which you can now select the Amazon account you have added to Profit Scraper. 

All you need to do to reprocess the order is click on the additional account and submit the order. 

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