Gift Cards on Auto Orders

Does Auto Ordering support gift cards?

Yes. Profit Scraper can use git cards to pay for Auto Orders. 

To make sure Profit Scraper uses gift cards only, you will need to change a setting on your Auto Ordering Settings page. 

Go to your  Auto Ordering Settings

Find the setting "Use Gift Card Only?"  and set this to YES

Save Settings.

What happens if my gift card balance runs out? 

If your gift card balance has run out and you have set the above setting to YES, any order placed afterwards will fail. 

You now have two options: 

Top up your gift card balance and re-place the failed orders using the new gift card balance
If you don't want to use further gift cards you can change the setting to "NO". When you re-place the order, Profit Scraper will use your debit/credit card which you have set up for Auto Ordering.

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