Importing existing eBay listings

If you have existing eBay listings that you are using for eBay/Amazon arbitrage, you should follow the steps below to import them to Profit Scraper.

Enable your "Custom Label" field in your eBay Active Listings page.

Go to the "Active Listings" page in eBay > My eBay > Selling > Active My eBay
Click on the Customise link at the top right of the page as shown below: My eBay

Click on the "Custom Label" option and then press "Apply" to save changes as seen below:

You will then see a new column appear like this:

If the custom label field for your eBay listings are showing [Add] then click on the [Add] link and add the Amazon ASIN for the product which is being sold.

To find the Amazon ASIN, go to the Amazon website and search for it using the title of the product. Once you have found it, you can copy the ASIN code from the URL of the product page as shown below:

Once you have added all the missing ASINS in the Custom Label field, you will need to import your listings into Profit Scraper. To do this:
  • Login to your Profit scraper account here
  • Go to Tools eBay Price/Stock Monitoring > Unmonitored Items Tab
  • Press the button "Import New Listings"

  • Wait a few minutes while Profit Scraper imports your listings in the background
  • Refresh the page and your listings should now appear on this same page
Now that your listings are imported into Profit Scraper, you must move them from the Unmonitored tab to the Monitored tab:
  • Select all the listings that you wish to start monitoring for price/stock changes by pressing the Check All button 

  • Once all the items have been selected, press the Update SELECTED items button next to where it says "Start monitoring selected items on"

Please note: Make sure you select the correct store, e.g. Amazon, before you hit the 'update' button.

  • After a few moments, the items will be moved to the "Monitored" tab and they will then start to be updated automatically for price/stock changes from when the next run starts (within 45 minutes).

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