How to Re-Sync Items Between eBay and Profit Scraper

This article is useful for you if you have seen items in Profit Scraper which do not equal your item details in eBay and you assume that there is an issue with our Monitoring system. 

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Reason for incorrect monitoring details

The main reason why the details on your monitoring report might not match up with the details on your eBay items, is that the items are no longer in sync. Items go out of sync with Profit Scraper, if they are updated directly in eBay.

Please note: Profit Scraper CAN NOT monitor any items which are out of sync between eBay and Profit Scraper.

As soon as items drop out of sync with Profit Scraper, monitoring will stop and therefore cause repricing to FAIL which in turn can lead to a LOSS IN PROFIT MARGIN for any orders with this issue. 

Synchronising items between eBay and Profit Scraper

If you have already made changes directly in your eBay account, you can synchronise your eBay account to Profit Scraper. Re-synchronising items will re-enable the repricing and therefore make sure your items details are always correct within Profit Scraper.

To do this navigate to Tools > eBay > Price/Stock Monitoring, then find the option 'Re-Sync all listings with eBay' in the dropdown in the top right hand corner of the report. Then press 'Go'.

This will allow Profit Scraper to sync all changes you have made directly in eBay. 

Avoiding items to go out of sync with Profit Scraper

To prevent this issue from happening, follow the below instructions. 

If you would like to update price or stock information navigate to your Price/Stock Monitoring report:

You can now make any 'custom margins' or 'custom stock level' changes by clicking on the '+ Add' button for the item selected. 

Tip! Making changes in Profit Scraper will then automatically update the listing in eBay after the next scheduled monitoring run. These monitoring runs are scheduled every 45 min. To make sure the changes are also updated by eBay, allow for around 1.5 hours. This will ensure that both eBay and Profit Scraper are in sync and that the repricing feature is running correctly.

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