Unmonitored and Ignored Items

Sometimes there is confusion about what exactly the difference is between "Unmonitored" and "Ignored" items in Price / Stock Monitoring. Let's start with Unmonitored items.

Unmonitored Items

Items in the Unmonitored tab means that the price / stock info isn't being updated in eBay. The following are the most common reasons why items will end up in the Unmonitored tab:
When you list more items than your PS quota allows
When you relist items in eBay that were previously delisted
Following a new import from an eBay account that has existing items
In any of the above situations, you should move the items out of Unmonitored by either selecting to monitor the items on the supplier of your choice, or by moving them to the Ignored tab. Any items in the Unmonitored tab are not counted against your Profit Scraper listing quota.
So to sum things up, items in the Unmonitored tab should be considered as temporarily "waiting" there until you decide what to do with them.

Ignored Items

Items in the Ignored tab are likewise not monitored for price/stock changes and also aren't counted towards your PS quota. However, items in the Ignored tab have been moved there for the following reasons:
You have listings in your eBay account that you intentionally wish to keep separate from PS
Items that are unable to be monitored in PS due to the price/stock data not being available after several attempts, (perhaps due to the SKU being removed or changed) are automatically moved to the Ignored tab. However if you wish you can choose to allow PS to automatically delist any items which cannot be monitored, rather than sending them to the Ignored tab. The setting below can be found in Marketplaces Settings > Ebay:


So to sum things up, items in "Unmonitored" are only temporarily there until you decide where to move them. Items in the "Ignored" tab means you have made the decision to intentionally ignore them, or PS is unable to monitor them. However, items in both categories will not have their prices or stock info monitored/changed.

Please note: Please be aware however that if you are using Auto Ordering, items in both the Unmonitored and Ignored tabs will be Auto Ordered if you have previously uploaded them to PS. This could result in massive profit losses if you don't disable Auto Ordering for those items, as PS will still attempt to order them.

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