Item showing as OOS

There could be a few reasons why your item is marked as Out of Stock even when you think it might be in stock at Amazon.

Not stocked by Amazon or an FBA seller

Profit Scraper only supports items that are shipped by Amazon or fullfilled by Amazon (FBA).

If your item is shipped via a 3rd party seller such as in the example below, then Profit Scraper will show this as being out of stock.

The reason for this is that many times items that are sold by 3rd party sellers have unreliable delivery and this can result in negative feedback on your eBay account, so Profit Scraper want to protect you from this as much as possible.

Please note: Sometimes an item IS in stock by Amazon/FBA but it might be more expensive than the cheapest item sold by a 3rd party seller. If this is the case, then we have an automatic process which runs once per day which should update the stock for these items. If your item matches this criteria but is still marked as Out of Stock after 24 hours has passed since you spotted the issue, please raise a support ticket

The item's stock levels are constantly changing at Amazon

The price/stock of items are checked every 45 minutes by Profit Scraper. Sometimes when you check an item which Profit Scraper marks as Out of Stock, it might be In Stock at Amazon. However, this is because on the LAST monitoring run, the item was actually out of stock, but between that time and the time you are checking (e.g. within 45 mins of the last monitoring run having been completed), the item may have come back into stock, but Profit Scraper won't know that until it has performed the next monitoring run, so you should wait until that has completed.

To see if your item is one where stock changes constantly, you can see this page:

Then you can click on either of these icons:

You will then see something like this:

The Amazon/FBA offer is not the first 6 "offers" available

When we use the Amazon API to retrieve pricing information, they only provide data for the first 6 offers. If the Amazon/FBA offer is more expensive than the first 6th offers available, then it will be marked as Out of Stock. E.g:

Missing delivery estimation information

If your Amazon/FBA item does not show delivery information on the Amazon offer page, then it will be shown as Out of Stock. E.g:

Main Amazon item page shows "In stock" but really the item isn't available for immediate dispatch
Sometimes items show as in stock when really they are not available for immediate dispatch (usually because they are on back order, or delivery will be longer than 2-3 days)

  • If an item is on back order, then Amazon will show it as In Stock, but Profit Scraper will regard it as being Out of Stock (OOS).
  • If an item won't be delivered until after 3 days, Amazon will show it as In Stock, but Profit Scraper will regard it as being Out of Stock (OOS).
  • This is because eBay want your items to be delivered quickly to your customers. Profit Scraper protects you by only allowing you to list items for sale that are immediately available for delivery (well, within 1-2 days) so that your customers aren't left waiting. Fast delivery also helps to get your eBay account top rated.

Here's an example:

  • As you can see, the item shows as In Stock, but if you click on the link that says "1 new from £19.99", you will see this screen:

  • In this example, the date is 3rd September, so if it was immediately available, the delivery date would show as arriving on 4th September. However it shows arriving on 6th September, meaning an additional delay of 2 days.
  • Sometimes, the delivery would say "Back ordered" and the date available would be even further away, so we protect your account from those situations too.

Still not found the reason why your item is showing as out of stock?

If this has still not answered your question please send us a support ticket.

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