Rounding eBay Selling Prices

If you prefer to display your selling prices more like a retail shop, with the price ending in .49 or .99, then read on to find out how.

Ordinarily, the selling price of an item is set based on calculation that looks at the source price, fees and your profit margin on top. This price usually looks something like this:


However, you can set all prices to round UP to the nearest .49 or .99 so that the example price above will instead look like this:


Or another example:

Where to find this setting in Profit Scraper?

You can find this setting within your  marketplaces settings page, as seen below. 

Then find the setting. 

Click on the option of your preference and 'Save Settings'. 

Please note: You will have to change this setting in each of your sub-accounts, as settings from your main account are not copied across to sub-accounts.

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