Monitoring Profits in Profit Scraper

There are three locations where you can view your profits on Profit Scraper.


In your dashboard, you can see daily/weekly/monthly profits in your Sales & Profit Performance graph.

If you have multiple eBay accounts, then you will see an additional graph on your dashboard which combines the data from each connected eBay account. This will only be displayed if you are currently viewing your "main" account.
You can also see the Average Profit per Sale:
Lastly you can see the profit made in the last 24 hours:

Please note: Please note that this profit total is for the account currently being viewed, so if you have multiple eBay accounts, you would need to use the account switcher dropdown to select the account first to view the profit for that account.

Auto Ordering Report 

If you are using Full Auto Ordering you can see the profit for each sale.
You can view your Auto Ordering Reports under Reports >> Auto Ordering

Profit Calculator 

Further to the above reports, you can visit our Profit Calculator to get an understanding of how your profit might change based on different profit margin settings etc.
You will find the calculator under Tools >> eBay >> Profit Calculator

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