Sales Profit Settings - Advanced Users Only!

In addition to profit settings based on the item price, you can also set up profit rules based on item sales within a specific time frame

For example, a rule could look like this: 

"You would like to add an additional 2% margin for all items which have sold more than 5 times within the last 30 days."

Please note:

1) Adding profit rules based on sales will APPLY TO ALL ITEMS IN YOUR SELECTED ACCOUNT. You can have different rules for each sub account.

2) When using multiple stores, different rules can be set on a store level. Click on the tabs to select your store. 

Here is how to change profit settings based on item sales:

Make sure you are in the correct account/sub-account before setting additional sales profit margin rules. 

Navigate to the 'Sales Profit Setting' page under Account >> Settings >> Profit Settings >> Profit Settings (Sales), as seen below: 

Add the number of days that Profit Scraper should include to calculate the number of items sold. 


You would like Profit Scraper to take into account item sales over the last 30 days. In this case you should add the number 30 into the field given, as seen below:

Select the stores for which you would like to add profit settings. On the below example, Amazon is selected. 

Now add your additional profit margin rules into the table. 


You would like to add an additional profit margin of 2% for all items which have a minimum sales count of 5 (within the last 30 days). 

In this case you would add the rule, as demonstrated below: 

You can add further rules by clicking on 'Add rule'. 

Save your settings by clicking on 'Save Settings'. 

Please note: These additional profit margin rules will apply to all items that qualify in your selected store. 

Possible error messages

  • Please check the Sales History Time Frame field. Insert a number between 1 and 30.

>> The 'Sales History Time Frame' can only be a number between 1 and 30. Make sure you add a number within this range. 

  • Please check the highlighted values. Values must be greater than '0'.

 >> When adding rules, make sure the values are greater than '0'. You can't add negative profit margin rules in this feature. 

How is the additional sales profit margin calculated? 

The additional sales profit margin is added to the item selling price.

The full formula would be:  (Store sales price + eBay/PayPal fees + Profit Settings % (Price)) + Profit Settings % (Sales)


Price on Amazon:  $14.99

+ eBay/PayPal fees:  $2.38

+ Price Profit Setting is +8.30%:  $1.44

=  Price (before adding a sales profit margin): $16.81

+  Sales Profit Setting is +2%:   $0.34

= Final Price on eBay: $17.15   (Note: This price will be used if an item has sold more than 5 times in the last 30 days, based on the example rule made up in this support article)

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