Increasing Listing/Selling Limit on eBay

When you first open an eBay account, your listing/selling limit may be very small. E.g. 100 items / $1500.

Although eBay do automatically increase your selling limits from time to time, a better method of increasing limits is to simply phone eBay customer services every 30 days and request a limit increase.

If they ask you what you sell, just tell them that you sell general household goods. If they ask where you are sourcing your products, tell them you're sourcing from Amazon. It's completely legal and accepted to source items from Amazon to dropship on eBay, as long as you keep your account in good standing (dispatch items on time and are getting good feedback etc).

As long as you are a good seller and maintaining good levels of feedback etc, they will increase your limit each 30 days. Many times they actually double your limits, so over time your account may look like this:

  • Month 1 - 150 items
  • Month 2 - 300 items
  • Month 3 - 600 items
  • Month 4 - 1200 items
  • Month 5 - 2400 items
  • Month 6 - 4800 items
  • Month 7 - 9600 items
  • Month 8 - 19200 items
  • Month 9 - 38400 items
  • Month 10 - 76800 items

As you can see, over the period of several months, your account can grow large very quickly. And the larger it grows, the more profit you can make because you have more listings available for sale and more eyeballs on your products.

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