Listing Conversion Report

The Listing Conversion Report can be found under Reports >   Listing Conversion Report

Why is this report helpful?

This report will support you in analysing the performance for each of your listings. Profit Scraper is tracking key performance indicators like 'Views', 'Sales Count', 'Conversion Rate', 'Days since last sold' etc. 

In-depth analysis will allow you to identify items, which among others:

  • need their titles or prices optimised
  • haven't sold for a larger number of days
  • are Out of Stock
  • have high conversion rates

Listing Conversion Report Explained

Report Column Description
eBay Item ID This is the identification number (ID) of your listing/product on eBay. Clicking on the ID within the report will open the listing on eBay.
SKU This is the identification number (ID) of you listing/product as it is listed on the source store. It can be the ID as on Amazon, Costco, Walmart or Overstock.
Selling Price This is the current listing price for your item on eBay. The figure represents the listing price as per the latest Profit Scraper monitoring run.
Stock Level This is the current stock level for your item on eBay. The figure represents the stock level as per the latest Profit Scraper monitoring run.

Clicking on 'View stock information' will give you an even deeper analysis into stock level status of your item and will allow you to identify reasons for a possible out of stock (OOS) status.
OOS days OOS means out of stock. This column shows the number of days the item has been out of stock.

  • 0 means it has been out of stock for less than 24 hours
  • N/A means the item is currently in stock
Views This is the number of people who have viewed your listing on eBay.

Please note: This number will be different to the view count on eBay for the following reasons: 

  • 1 listing view for 1 unique person is counted (eBay counts a view even if the same users just reload the page)
  • Total views in Profit Scraper are based on the date range set in your Profit Scraper account (eBay views are counted since the listing was set up)
  • if users are viewing the listing using eBay's phone app and if they don't view the description then our tracking code cannot be initiated so won't track as a view
Sold This column shows the number of sales for your item during the time period that you set in the 'Date Range' filter at the top of the report. 
Conversion Rate This column shows the Conversion Rate for the item on eBay which is calculated as seen below.

Please note: The number of views as well as the number of sales are based on the time range you have set on your Listing Conversion Report.

Days Old This column shows the number of days since the listing has first been listed on eBay.

If you joined Profit Scraper with existing eBay listings and you just merged those listings into Profit Scraper, this column will still show the date, the product was first listed on eBay, irrespective of when Profit Scraper first listed it.  
Days Since Sold This column shows the number of days, since the item was last sold on eBay. 

Please note: If you can see the number of days since sold, but you can't see any sales in the 'Sold' column, you might have to increase the report time frame at the top of the report.

Custom Margin & Stock Levels In these two columns you can manually set the desired profit margin and stock level for selected items. Simply click on '+ Add' and you will find the below form to change the margin/stock.
You can find out more about how and why to use custom profit margins and custom stock levels on this article

Please note: Saving these changes will automatically update the listing in eBay after the next scheduled monitoring run (every 45 min.) To make sure the changes are also updated by eBay, allow for around 1.5 hours for the full update.

Tip! You might find our  Profit Calculator useful, to determine profit margins for individual items. 
Delist You can delist individual items via the 'Delist' button in this column. If you wish to re-list previously delisted items you might have to change some settings in your Marketplaces settings. 

Read more about re-listing delisted items. 

Advanced Filters

On the Listing Conversion Report you can also find Advanced Filters which can help you segment your listings based on rules, e.g. 'All listings which have been listed longer than 60 days but haven't sold', or 'Listings that have had more than 5 sales in the last 24h hours', etc.

You can learn how to use Advanced Filters in this article here

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