Scheduling Bulk Uploads

You can schedule one or multiple bulk uploads for a specific date and time in the future

To do this, go to REPORTS >>  BULK UPLOADS as seen below: 
On the tab called 'Pending' you can see the list of uploads which are ready to be uploaded in bulk. 
Find the column 'Schedule' and click on the button for the selected upload. 
You will be presented with a pop up window, in which you can schedule your bulk upload.
First click into the 'Date' field, to select the date and time
Click on 'Apply Settings' to complete the schedule

What does a completed scheduled look like? 

Once you completed a schedule, you can see this showing in the 'Schedule' column, as in the example below. Click on the 'x' to remove the schedule. 

Do I need to do anything else? 

No, you don't need to do anything else. 
Profit Scraper will automatically commence the scheduled bulk upload at your selected date and time.  You will see the status changing to 'Uploading'

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