Bulk Assign eBay Categories

When bulk uploading items to Profit Scraper, we use the eBay API to automatically assign an eBay category which is most relevant to the item you are uploading. This is done by sending the item title to eBay who then provide us with the suggested category. 

In some cases the suggested category may not be correct and you should always double check the assigned category to avoid miss-categorise warnings from eBay, as these may lead to your listings being removed or your account being suspended by eBay. 
This new feature allows Profit Scraper members to change the automatically assigned category in bulk from the bulk  upload details reports

Where can I find this feature? 

You can find this feature in your Bulk Upload Details reports. To find these reports, navigate to  REPORTS >>  BULK UPLOAD, then click on 'VIEW' to arrive at one of the Bulk Upload Details reports. 

How does the feature work? 

Simply select all the listings for which you would like to change or assign the eBay category. Next click on 'Actions' and select the option 'Apply eBay category to SELECTED items', as seen on the image below:

A pop-up window should now open which lets you select the chosen category or sub-category. 
Just click on one of the categories in the first box on the left, which will then list all sub-categories in the next box/es. 

Finally click on 'Apply Settings' to assign the selected category to your previously selected items. 

Can I change the category again, after bulk assigning an eBay category? 

Yes. If you would like to change the category again, simply repeat the same process starting with the selection of items. 

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