Ignore Blocked Words in Bulk Uploads

Profit Scraper keeps a large database of certain "Blocked Words" that have caused problems for some of our users. When trying to bulk upload listings with these Blocked Words, Profit Scraper by default gives a warning to alert you that certain words could cause problems. If you try to upload these listings without doing anything, the listings will fail and won't be uploaded.
However, you do have the option to ignore Blocked Words if you believe that they won't cause you any problems in your listing. If you would like to upload listings with certain Blocked Words included, you can choose which Blocked Words will always be ignored here:

Use the text box to ignore any Blocked Words (such as knife) that you want to ignore when bulk uploading items to eBay. 

If you wish to ignore multiple Blocked Words (e.g. word 1, word 2, word 3 etc.) type each word on a separate line as seen on the example below:

If you are successful in uploading the words you want ignored, you will receive this message:

Please note: This feature should be used with caution as eBay may suspend your account if you upload items with certain blocked words.

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