Updating SKUs

Sometimes, SKUs (product IDs) are updated within stores which will require you to perform the same update to your eBay listing. SKUs can change within Amazon, Walmart, Costco or Overstock. 

To make sure there is no interruption with the monitoring of those items, you will need to update the SKU(s) within your Profit Scraper account.

Once updated in Profit Scraper, the SKU will automatically be updated within eBay (after the next scheduled monitoring run; every 45 min.). 

Watch this video or read on below: 

How to perform a SKU change? 

Find the correct Profit Scraper report

Navigate to your Price/Stock Monitoring report under  TOOLS >> eBay >> Price/Stock Monitoring

If you have multiple eBay accounts, make sure you selected the correct one in the top right corner. 

Find the item & update the SKU

On this report find the item which you need to update the SKU for. You can do this via the search bar at the top of the page or via the pagination at the bottom of the page. 

Once you found the correct item, click on the pen icon under column 'SKU'. 

A little window will open on which you can find an empty field to type the new SKU. Then just press 'Update'. 

Please note: The SKU within eBay will update after the next scheduled monitoring run (usually every 45 min.). Please make sure you update the SKU within Profit Scraper and not directly within eBay. If the SKU is updated in eBay directly, Profit Scraper cannot monitor this item which could in turn lead to incorrect price or stock entries.

If you experience any issues with this feature, please email support@profitscraper.com so our development team can look into it.   

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