Blocked Words in Bulk Uploads

Sometimes words that appear in your listing titles or descriptions can raise red flags at eBay, resulting in potential suspensions

Profit Scraper keeps an internal database of words that have been known to cause problems with users in the past. 

For instance, some notable words that have caused red flags are 

  • gun
  • knife
  • ebook
  • guarantee
  • antibiotic
  • and so on...

Please note: Simply having the word somewhere in your listing is enough to potentially cause these red flags, even though you may be selling a completely different kind of item.

In order to mitigate this problem when preparing to upload items using our Bulk Upload Feature, Profit Scraper automatically searches through your listings and notifies you which listings have any of these "Blocked Words" somewhere in the title or description. Here is an example of a listing with a Blocked Words warning:
Notice how the VERO column shows "No", but the status column shows a yellow warning sign. You can hover over the warning sign icon for details of what the warning is. In this case, it will tell you that there is a blocked word found.

Can the error message be ignored?

Yes. If you would still like to upload an item with a Blocked Words warning to eBay, you have 2 options. 
Remove Blocked Words
Profit Scraper offers a feature that can bulk remove all Blocked Words from your listing titles and descriptions while preparing to upload. Just select the listings you wish to modify, and click on the option here:

You can then select whether you want to remove Blocked Words from the description, title, or both.

Ignore Blocked Words Error

If you believe that the Blocked Words in a particular listing won't cause any problems and would like to leave them in the listing, then you can nullify the warning by clicking to edit the details of the listing:

Next, click on "Errors":

Then click on "Ignore this error"

Please note: This option of ignoring Blocked Words in pending uploads cannot be done in bulk, and has to be done to each individual listing.

In order to prevent this tedious task, Profit Scraper offers the option to ignore certain Blocked Words from the internal PS database before they are listed so that those words don't cause any warnings. You can Ignore Blocked Words while in your main PS account here:
In addition to the database of Blocked Words that Profit Scraper has, you can also add custom words/phrases that you want to ensure are blocked when you are uploading new listings to eBay. You can add additional Blocked Words in your main PS account here:  

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