Relisting Delisted Items

If you are trying to relist items that have been previously delisted, you might encounter an error message during bulk upload. 

Profit Scraper automatically detects items which have been previously delisted mainly to protect our members' eBay accounts. E.g. you might have delisted an item which is against eBay listing rules. This might have different reasons, e.g. includes words from the eBay blocked words list. 

Still want to relist delisted items? 

If you decide to go ahead and allow relisting previously delisted items in your Profitscraper account follow the below steps

Go to your   Marketplaces Settings
Find the setting "Do not bulk upload items that have previously been delisted".
Change this setting to "NO".

Please note: If you have multiple accounts you would need to click into the settings for each sub-account to apply this change.

Another use case for this feature

You may be following the  good business practice of ending your listings manually at 29 days (approximately) before eBay Auto Ends then Relists them.  If you do this with certain listings, you will want to relist them right away. So in this case, the settings should also be set to "NO".

Consider also using this feature by keeping it set to "YES" unless you knowingly want to relist items that have previously been delisted.  In this case, go to the setting and change it to "NO" only temporarily while you are relisting items.

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