Bulk upload items on eBay

With Profit Scraper you can upload listings to your eBay account, singularly or in bulk to save you time.

There are two options for members to upload items:

  1. Scrape existing eBay sellers to find hot selling items to upload (Click here to use the Profit Scraper Item Finder tool)
  2. Upload a list of items that you found directly on Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, Ali Express or Costco.

Please note: Each store has it's own bulk upload tool in the member's navigation menu.

E.g. To upload Amazon items you would navigate to Tools > Amazon > Bulk Upload. To upload Costco items you would navigate to Tools > Costco > Bulk Upload. To upload AliExpress items you would navigate to Tools > Ali Express > Bulk Upload. 

This video explains how both options work:

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