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In this article, you will find details about utilising Ali Express as a supplier for your dropshipping business. You will learn how to use Ali Express with Profit Scraper, including how to find profitable items to sell, list multi-variation items, set relevant Ali Express settings and handle returns. 

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Introduction to Ali Express

In November 2018, the ProfitScraper team have integrated Ali Express as a new supplier. After a successful BETA period, we have now opened this supplier up to all members to benefit from, without charging any additional membership costs. We allow you to source items from Ali Express USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Germany and Italy.

Ali Express is an eCommerce site with a broad range of suppliers who sell directly to the public. Most suppliers are based in China so the lion share of products are priced extremely competitively when compared to most other websites and therefore Ali Express is a treasure trove of possibilities for our members. Due to the extensive product catalogue of low-cost items, the potential for higher margins is enormous.

Finding Profitable Items on Ali Express

Finding profitable items on Ali Express can be easily done with our Google Chrome extension, called 'Dropship Bot'. 

Step 1

Enable 'Dropship Bot' in your Chrome browser. 

If you haven't added our popular 'Dropship Bot' extension to your Chrome browser yet, click here, to complete this before you continue.

Please note: We don't support Ali Express on the Profit Scraper 'Item Finder' because not many people dropship Ali Express items on eBay compared to Amazon items, so the 'ItemFinder' won't yield many results. Therefore we advise using our Dropship Bot Chrome extension instead, as explained above.

Step 2

Visit Ali Express and search for an item category which you would like to sell. In the example below, we searched for 'red shoes' and scraped the search result page with the 'Dropship Bot Item Grabber', see video below.

Tip! Filter your search results by items with 4 or more review stars. This will help to pick highly rated items and therefore keep the complaints and return rate at a minimum.

Step 3

Now, export the scraped items as a CSV and continue by clicking on 'Export CSV', as seen below. 

To upload the CSV to the Profit Scraper software, go to TOOLS --> ALIEXPRESS --> LIST BY CSV in the membership area, as demonstrated below. 

Tip! To ensure that the CSV upload will be successful, read this article  here

Items with Variations

The Profit Scraper team have worked hard on ensuring, that Ali Express items with variations, e.g. size or colour, can be listed successfully with our software. This crucial development ensures that our members are unrestricted in the range of items that can be listed on eBay. 

Below you can see an example item and how the variations are displayed on eBay to potential buyers. 

Settings & Shipping

Ali Express settings can be found here: MARKETPLACES SETTINGS --> EBAY -->  ALI EXPRESS SETTINGS

Please refer to the 'i' icons for more detailed explanations of each setting. 

There are two main delivery settings that we recommend to be used for Ali Express items: 

  •  Ali Express 'Standard Shipping' 
  • Ali Express 'ePacket'

Whereas 'Standard Shipping' might require long delivery times, 'ePacket' is a faster delivery service offered by Ali Express whereby items are delivered typically, but not always, within 10-20 days. 

Please note: Sometimes, ePacket and Standard Shipping incur a shipping charge and Profit Scraper will add this shipping charge to the item selling price automatically.

You can choose whether you would like to accept either E-Packet / Standard or both delivery options, see screenshot below.

If the item to be listed on eBay doesn't have one of the two above shipping methods, then it's automatically set as out of stock. 

IMPORTANT!! For Ali Express items, it is important to change the 'Item Location Setting' to 'China'. This is needed to avoid the eBay account being penalised due to item tracking and item location being inconsistent, e.g. tracking from China, item location in the UK. This setting can be found here.

Handling Returns

This might be the most difficult thing about using Ali Express items for dropshipping. Due to the huge distance, returning items to China will hit you with high delivery costs and possibly leave you with high losses. 

Although some sellers do offer returns, it seems many sellers do not and even those that do, may not honour the returns. It would probably be more trouble than it’s worth to return an item all the way back to the supplier.

So, the general advice is that if the returned item is OK then Profit Scraper members could simply repackage the item and send it out from their office/home to new customers.

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