Custom Profit Margins & Custom Stock Levels

In this article, you will learn how to set custom profit margins and/or custom stock levels within Profit Scraper. 

Why would I need custom profit margins and custom stock levels? 

Both settings can be used to override the  default profit margin and default stock levels which you have set up in your marketplaces settings. 

While the default settings apply to ALL your listings in your account, the custom profit margin and custom stock levels can be applied to specific listings only. 

Setting custom profit margins might help you to optimise sales and profits. 

  • For items that are selling more than your average item sales, you might experiment with increasing the margin to make a higher profit. Beware, however, that the increase in price might lead to a decrease in sales. Details on how to analyse  item performance can be found at the end of this article. 
  • For items that are selling less than your average item sales, you might want to reduce the profit to become competitive and potentially increase the number of sales. 
  • As an alternative, we offer the Sales Profit Settings feature whereby profit margins can be automatically increased or decreased based on product sales.

Setting custom stock levels might help you increase the availability of a good seller while keeping stock levels for all other products low. As listings with higher stock levels count more towards your listing limits, you wouldn't want every listing to be listed at a high stock level as this would reduce the number of listings you can add on eBay. 

How can I set custom profit margins and custom stock levels?

There are two reports within Profit Scraper that allow you to set custom profit margins and custom stock levels. 

Option 1)  Set margins and stock on the Price/Stock Monitoring report

To view this report, go to  TOOLS > EBAY >  PRICE/STOCK MONITORING

There are two separate columns, which you can see highlighted in red below: 

Simply click on 'Add', fill in the details on the pop-up and hit 'Save changes'. 

Please note: Saving changes to custom margins or custom stock levels will automatically update your listing in eBay after the next scheduled monitoring run (every 45 min.) To make sure the changes are also updated by eBay, allow for around 1.5 hours for the full update.

Setting custom margins or stock levels in bulk

To set custom margins or stock levels in bulk, you can use our bulk editing options in the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the report, by clicking on ' choose an action'. 

Please note: The individual items which you would like to amend have to be ticked, before performing bulk actions.

Option 2)  Set margins and stock on the Listing Conversion Report

To view this report, go to  REPORTS >  LISTING CONVERSION REPORT

Just like on the Price/Stock Monitoring report, there are two separate columns to set the margins and stock levels.

You can also set custom profit margins and stock levels in bulk. 

How to analyse the effect of custom margins or stock levels?

First of all, make sure you take notes on the changes that you perform via custom margin or custom stock settings. 

Next, you can see the effect of your changes by analysing the individual item performance reports. 

The easiest way to do this is to access the report for selected items via the report URL.

Simply copy the below URL string into your browser's search bar and add the eBay item ID at the end. 

Click  here if you would like to see further options to access the item performance report or if you need a more detailed explanation of how to read the item performance report. 

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