Amazon Add On - August 2018 Update

Important change to Amazon Add-On items in August 2018

Previously, it was possible to order add-on items if combining them with other items in a "bundle" order sent to multiple addresses. Then in June 2018, Amazon made a change which meant this only worked if each add-on item also included an additional gift card added to the order which helped to get around the restriction.

Now, as of August 16th 2018, Amazon have made another change, which means that even adding a gift card to the order no longer works.

The result of this, is that it is no longer possible to sell Add On items with the dropshipping business model, because you will not be able to get free delivery for the add-on item.

What should I do if I have existing Add-On items in my active listings?

Our advice is that you should stop selling the add-on items right away.

Firstly, it would be a good idea to increase the profit margin of all items that are less than $10, so that eBay buyers will be put off from ordering them. You can do this by going to your  Profit Scraper profit settings adding a range like this:

E.g. the minimum profit setting for items between 0 and 10.00 is set to $20.00.

When you do this for the first time, it could take up to an hour for your listings to be updated.

Secondly, you should start to DELIST your existing add-on items which will remove them from eBay immediately.

To do this,  follow this article.

Help! I have add-on items that have already been purchased and now I can't fulfil them - what should I do?

Firstly you won't be able to use our auto ordering feature to process the order, so you'll need to deal with it manually instead (so pause auto ordering and wait 15 minutes before accessing your account to place manual orders).

One thing you can try in this situation is to search for a "pre-order" item such as this one:

That item is $29.99 which means the free delivery threshold. It will also be unavailable to be delivered until 31st December 2018. 

Therefore, you could try to add that item along with your add-on item and then place the order. After the order has been placed, you can CANCEL only the pre-order item, so that you are refunded the $29.99 (You may need to do this via Amazon customer services).

Please note that we take no responsibility if this suggestion doesn't work. This is simply an idea that may or may not work. We also discourage you from trying this on more than a few orders, so that your Amazon account doesn't potentially get investigated.

Alternatively you can CANCEL the orders on eBay but first you should contact the buyer(s) and tell them that the items are out of stock, then choose the reason that "Buyer cancelled order", so that your eBay account reputation is unharmed. 

How to prevent add-on items from being uploaded in the first place?

Please follow  this article here.

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