Raising a Helpdesk Ticket

This article will explain how you can raise a ticket via our helpdesk and highlight ways to get your question answered as quickly as possible. 

How to Raise a Helpdesk Ticket 

The Profit Scraper Helpdesk is our official support area and can be found here:  https://help.profitscraper.com/

Tip! Save the above link to your browser bar, so you can easily access the link when needed.

We ask you to raise a helpdesk ticket in the following scenarios: 

  • You have browsed the helpdesk categories and/or searched for keywords related to your question via the search box, but still couldn't find the answer
  • You have a technical problem
  • You have a question regarding our affiliate program
  • You would like some advice from our Customer Happiness Specialists

If any of the above hold true, please click on the 'Submit a ticket' link in the upper right-hand corner of the helpdesk, to raise a ticket. 

Please note: We are working hard to get your tickets answered as quickly as possible. Our support for general queries is provided 7 days a week but technical support is closed on weekends (Saturday, Sunday).

Help Us to Help You

When opening a ticket please provide as many insights as possible to help us to help you as quickly as possible. 

Below is a list of things that will help us answer your queries quicker: 

  • Your Profit Scraper account name - provide sub-account if applicable
  • Examples of Items - provide links, item IDs (eBay item ID / Amazon ASIN)
  • Related Screenshots that better describe the issue
  • Auto Ordering queries - provide sale record (you can find this on the auto ordering report) 

The more details you provide when raising a ticket, the less time will be wasted on follow up emails.

Tip! For general questions about drop shipping, you can usually get answers much quicker on our  Facebook Group. If you are not yet a member, we strongly recommend you to join the community of hundreds of experienced Profit Scraper members.

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