Advanced Filters

'Advanced Filters' is a powerful feature on your Profit Scraper  Listing Conversion Report which can be used to create useful segments of the items on your report. These segments, can help you analyse the performance of your listings, reveal listings which are underperforming, highlight listings which are bringing in the most profit and much more.

Where can I find Advanced Filters? 

Advanced Filters can be found on your  Listing Conversion Report next to the Date Range filter. To activate the filter options, simply click on the blue 'Advanced Filters' button, as seen below:

Using Advanced Filters 

Activate the filter settings

To start using the filters, simply click on the blue 'Advanced Filters' button to activate the filter settings. 

Add your first filter rule

Next, click on 'Add rule' to set up your first filter rule.

A dropdown will become available, on which you can chose your first filter option. Simply click on the desired option.

Complete the filter conditions

Now, select the condition you are looking to add to your filter option. As seen below, you can chose between 4 options.

Lastly, add the desired figure in the free text box, as seen below:

In our example, we have added a filter that will limit your report to show you all the items which have sold more than 5 times. 

Tip! Imagine the filters like a formula, that you are providing to Profit Scraper to give you a segmented/filtered view of your items. 

Please note: The figure in the last text box is not always a single number, it could be a percentage, a currency value or a date range. 

Apply filters

To apply your filter, you simply have to click on 'Apply Filter' and the table on your Listing Conversion Report will automatically update to only show you those items that are included in the filter.

Top Tips for Advanced Filters 

Multiple Filter Rules

Filters can have multiple filter rules. This helps to narrow down your list of items even further. 

Below, find some ideas of filters with multiple rules: 

  • Items sold more than 3 times but are currently Out Of Stock, so you might want to find a different similar product or amend the custom stock level.

  • Items that haven't sold within the last 7 days, so you can optimise the titles or amend the minimum margin, to increase the chance for a sale.

  • Items that have no custom margin (%) applied, but are selling frequently this month, so there might be chance to apply a higher margin % to increase your overall account margin.

There are many different ways to look into the performance of your items. Start using the filters cleverly to pick out over performing and under performing items so you know where to focus your time and attention. 

Saved Filters

Should you find yourself repeating filters over and over again, there is a solution for you to save time.

You can save specific filters, add a name and save this filter to your account. You can follow the below steps to do so:

Set up your selected filter

In this tutorial so far we have set up a filter, like the below:

Name & Save your filter

Next, simply click on the 'Saved Filters' tab, enter a name for your filter and click on 'Save current filter'.

Find your previously saved filters

Your previously saved filters can also be found on the 'Saved Filters tab' as seen below. 

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