Automatic Returns

Just like the Auto Ordering feature, this returns feature will automatically process the return for you, starting on Amazon (you can manually select the return reason within Profit Scraper, see steps below) and finishing by sending the return label to eBay.

Please note: You have to use the Profit Scraper Full Auto Ordering feature for Automatic Returns to work for your account.

How to process a return within Profit Scraper?

Navigate to your auto ordering report via REPORTS > AUTO ORDERING.
On your auto ordering report, you can identify orders with a return by a small red arrow, situated in the 'actions' column of the report.

Please note: You now HAVE TO CLICK on the red arrow and follow the instructions on the pop-up to activate the automatic return.

You should now see a window, like the below, on which you can view all the return information provided by eBay. On this window, select a return reason.

Lastly, click on 'Process return' to activate the automatic return process. Your return process will be started on Amazon and the return label will be sent from Amazon to the eBay customer.

Error Resolution

Should you experience errors during the automatic return process, there are ways that might help you resolve the issue yourself.

You can find the screenshot on the eBay Return window underneath the box which details every step of the return.

An example screenshot from Amazon could look like the below. In this case the issue was with an invalid credit card, which prevented the return from being processed further. 

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