Retaining & Uploading Optimised Listing Titles

This article will explain how to retain and upload optimised listing titles to Profit Scrapers. 

Why is this feature beneficial? 

Tip! This feature is beneficial for all members who would like to upload optimised listing titles.
Some scenarios in which this might be the case are listed below:
  • Due to a listing limit restriction on eBay you are forced to delist a number of listings. To retain your optimised titles you can export the information and re-import at a later stage. 
  • You are selling seasonal listings, e.g. Christmas items, which you had optimised the year before and would now like to re-list with your optimised titles. 
  • You are looking to move listings from one account to another account but would like to retain the optimised titles. 
  • Your VA or yourself have optimised titles outside of Profit Scraper and you would like to upload new listings with the optimised titles.

How does this feature work? 

Exporting listings from your account  

In order to retain optimised titles, you can export all of your listings into a CSV file, which you can save on your computer or an external medium and then use at a later stage to re-import your listing titles. 
Listing exports can be performed from different reports in your Profit Scraper account. 
1) Bulk Upload Details Report 
On the Bulk Upload Details Reports you can click on the 'Actions' button in the top right hand corner and then look for the option 'Export CSV' as seen below:
You will be provided with a CSV file, detailing the SKU and Titles of your listings, as seen on the example below. Save this file to have it ready for later use. 
2) Price / Stock Monitoring Report
On the Price/Stock Monitoring Report you can click on the 'Choose an action' button in the top right hand corner and then select either the option 'Export selected items as CSV' or 'Export ALL items as CSV'. Then click on 'Go' to execute the export. 
You will be provided with a CSV file, as seen below: 

Importing listings into your account

To re-import optimised listings into your Profit Scraper account, go to TOOLS > AMAZON > BULK UPLOAD BY CSV
You will be directed to a page, on which you can either directly upload a CSV file with the SKU and TITLE information or download a template first, in case you haven't got the template to hand. 

Please note: If you have exported the CSV file from the Price/Stock Monitoring report, you will have to amend your file to only include the SKU and TITLE for the CSV upload. The changes are described on the below. 

When importing a CSV file, Profit Scraper will re-scrape the item and update all details (incl. price, stock level etc.) apart from the product title.
This will ensure that all the listing details are up to date, but your optimised product titles are not overwritten during the upload.

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