Fraud Protection

A number of members have reported incidents whereby their accounts have been affected by fraud. These incidents included eBay buyers, most likely set up in the form of a robot, which have placed a high number of orders at a low price. 

In order to help our members avoid this kind of fraud action, we have introduced fraud protection rules to Profit Scraper. 

What does the Fraud Protection Rule look like? 

The fraud protection rule determines if the same eBay buyer places 3 or more orders within 10 minutes. If this is the case, the eBay listing will automatically be set to Out of Stock. 
This is done by setting the custom stock level to 0, so the Profit Scraper user can easily update it back to 'in stock' on the Price/Stock Monitoring Report, if they need to.

How are users informed when this is happening? 

Please note: Every time the above fraud protection rule is detected by our system, the user will receive an email, informing them about the buyer causing the suspected fraud and the item that has been affected. An example email can be seen below: 

Blocking buyers via eBay settings

On top of our own built-in fraud protection rules, we recommend the following setting, which is located directly within your eBay account. 
Log into your eBay account and find the option 'Block buyers who are currently winning or have bought xxx of my items in the last 10 days' (as seen below) for increased protection from fraud. 

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