Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be your next step to really accelerate your business. With a Virtual Assistant you can free up your time to concentrate on future strategic decisions and business moves. 

Our Top Tips when hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Top Tip #1 - Quality

Look for VAs who are specifically trained for Profit Scraper. Why don't you post a message in the Profit Scraper facebook group or check out this website offering a VA service specifically trained for Profit Scraper. This will allow your VA to get started instantly 
You can even set up VA only accounts within your Profit Scraper account which allows a VA to access the most important features to complete their tasks, but will hide reports and pages that show important business figures and performance indicators. VA accounts can be found under ACCOUNT > VA ACCOUNTS.

Top Tip #2 - Trust

Before you hire a VA, test them. For example you could give them 3 listings and have them optimise the title or you could ask them to find a bunch of hot selling items. This will demonstrate whether you will really get value out of your VA. 

Top Tip #3 - Proof

References are a great way to ensure your VA is truthful and  will provide you with confidence in their abilities. Before you hire them, simply ask them to supply one or two references from previous employers. 

Top Tip #4 - Payment

Don't restrict your talent pool by exclusively accepting Paypal. VAs often work in countries where Paypal is not the default payment method. Make sure however, you pay in small increments at the start to ensure it is not fraud. 

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