Notifications & Alerts

Profit Scraper notification emails and alerts keep you up to date with what is going on in your account. 
These automated emails are configured to notify you of events in your account that either require attention or inform you about completed tasks, that Profit Scraper performed in the background. 

Accessing Notifications & Alerts

Please note: You can access the notifications settings via ACCOUNT > SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS

Opting In & Out of Notifications 

Emails for the following completed tasks and errors can be switched on and off for each account individually. 

Error Repricing

An email is sent if your account is showing any errors while repricing your listings. The email will state the location where you can investigate the issue further. 

Order Error 

An email is sent if Profit Scraper detects an error when placing orders with the Auto Ordering feature. 
Please note: These notifications are only sent for members using the Full Auto Ordering feature. 

Amazon Tracking 

An email is sent every time tracking details were provided by Amazon and uploaded to eBay by Profit Scraper.

Bulk Pending

This email notifies you, whenever a bulk upload is pending. You can find pending bulk uploads on your Bulk Upload Details reports, which can be accessed via REPORTS > BULK UPLOAD > PENDING TAB.

Bulk Complete

This email will notify you, when a bulk upload to eBay has been completed. You can also view completed bulk uploads via REPORTS -> BULK UPLOAD -> COMPLETED TAB.

Search Complete

When an item search has been completed, an email is sent to notify you that the items returned during the search can now be viewed.

Search Error

This email highlights any errors that might have come up during a search. The email contains details of the search error. 

Item Unmonitored 

Whenever there is an item in your account that is unmonitored, we sent out an email to specify the item and where you can move an unmonitored item to be monitored. 

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