Earn as much as 8% cashback

Cash back sites such as Befrugal, TopCashback and Mr Rebates are ways for UK and USA eBay sellers to make extra money (up to 8% of the sale) when fulfilling orders through Amazon. A percentage of the purchase is returned to you as a cash back rebate when you complete your purchase. It’s just like using a coupon, except all money is earned after the purchase has been successfully tracked.

What Items Qualify for Befrugal, TopCashback or Mr Rebates?

Only certain categories of Amazon items qualify for the cash back rebate, and the cash back amount can be as high as 8%. A list of the qualifying item categories can be found here:

How To Earn Cashback

Earning cashback is simple and can be done in three easy steps as shown below:
Go to or or and create an account.
After you've created an account, go to Marketplace Settings > Auto Ordering > Cashback Sites, and enter your login information for your preferred cashback site as shown here:
You will then need to enable the cashback option here:

Receiving Your Money

It may take quite a while to receive your money, even up to 8 weeks. When it comes time to get the cashback you’ve earned out of your account, there are a number of payout methods, including Gift Cards, PayPal, ACH, and American Express Reward Cards, some of which even give you a bonus up to 3%. So, if you have earned $100 in cashback, you could receive up to $103 when you cash out.

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