Tracking Information / eBay Proof of Delivery

Sometimes, eBay requests proof of delivery for some orders. Profit Scraper can help you with providing proof of delivery to submit to eBay.

Please note: Profit Scraper can only obtain this information if you are using full Auto Ordering.

Obtaining Tracking Information

Step 1 

Navigate to your Auto Ordering report via Reports > Auto Ordering.  (Make sure you are on the 'Completed Orders' tab.) 

Step 2 

Find the order which you need to obtain tracking for via the search boxes. You could use the 'Sale Record', 'Buyer' or 'Store Order ID', or alternatively chose a date range to find the order.

Step 3 

Within the 'Actions' column, you will find a map pin icon, as seen below. This is where the tracking information can be obtained.
There are 3 possible scenarios: 
The blue icon - Click this icon to generate the tracking information. 
The orange icon - The icon turns orange as soon as the tracking information has been generated. Click again, to view tracking information.
The grey icon - This icon will show if tracking in unavailable. Unfortunately, Amazon has not provided any tracking information. 

Step 4 

On clicking an orange icon to view the tracking information you will see a pop up, as on the screenshot below. 
<screenshot of pop up>
You can now click on 'View tracking link', which will take you through to our tracking site. You can submit this tracking link to eBay, to prove the the item has been delivered. 
Alternatively, you can upload a photo, before you generate the tracking link. Uploading the photo in Profit Scraper will automatically add the photo to the tracking site, and strengthen your proof of delivery for eBay. 

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