Auto Ordering Report

The Auto Ordering Report can be found under Reports >  Auto Ordering.

This report will support you in monitoring the auto ordering feature and show:  

  • general details about auto orders at 3 statuses: 'Pending', 'Address Completed' and 'Order Completed'

  • show a break down of sold price, cost price, fees & final profit on the sale
  • help you trouble shoot orders which haven't been placed successfully

Below please find explanations for the columns found on the Auto Ordering Report: 

Report Column Description
Order Date This columns shows the date and time the order was placed. 
Sale Record This is an eBay order number which you can use to find the order in eBay Selling Hub > Orders. 

Tip! If you have any issues with an order and you need to raise a ticket for our development team, please use this number in the ticket details. This will ensure a swift turn around of your query.
Buyer This is the buyer on eBay who has ordered your product.
eBay Item(s) This is the ID of the item which has been purchased on eBay. 

Please note: For orders that contain multiple items, you will need to lookup the order in eBay using the Sale Record number.

Custom Label This is the custom label which is set on your eBay account for this item. If it is blank please update the custom label field for this item in eBay and then resync your account by going to Tools > eBay > Price/Stock Monitoring then press the Import/Sync button.
Store This column shows the store where the order was placed, e.g. Amazon.
Store Order ID If the order was placed successfully, this is the store order ID (e.g. Amazon order ID if the order was placed on Amazon).

Sold Price The Sold Price is the price that your buyer paid for the item(s).   
Cost Price This was the price that you paid for the item.

Tip! If you are using FULL auto ordering, this will be accurate. If you are not using full auto ordering, this will be an estimated price based on the last monitored price of the item before it was sold.
Fees This was the amount of fees you paid, including

  • eBay Listing Fee
  • eBay Final Value Fee
  • Paypal Fee
  • Auto Ordering Fee (if applicable)
  • Amazon Taxes (if applicable)

This is your total profit after fees are taken into account.

Tip! Your profit will be accurate if using full auto ordering and estimated if you process orders manually.
Actions In this column you will find icons that will let you perform tasks such as

  • checking logs
  • editing the order address
  • adding order notes

Trouble Shooting Orders that failed at Auto Ordering 

All auto orders are marked with a colour which indicates the current status of the order.  This colour indicator can be seen on the very left and very right side of the table, see below: 

If the order is marked in green, the ordering process has been completed successfully. There is nothing else to do for you. 

However, there are some order statuses, which might need some further actioning. Please see below legend for further information: 

Colour Indicator Description & Resolution
Red There has been an error placing this order. 


Click on the 'eye icon' for a snapshot of the last page seen by Profit Scraper on the Amazon website which can give you an indication as to where the order got stuck.

Additionally, click on the 'log icon' for step by step details of the order progression throughout the auto ordering process. 
If you are still unsure as to why there was an error when placing the order, then please send us a support ticket. 

Blue The order includes an add-on item. 


Please refer to the following  help article to learn how you can handle orders with this type of item. 
Grey As you are currently using the bundled order option, the value of this order together with any other pending orders has not yet reached the minimum order threshold on Amazon. 


When further orders are received, if the threshold has been met, then any queued orders will be placed automatically as a bundle. If you want to place the order as a stand alone order, then select the order and chose 'Retry and place order' from the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of your report. 
Yellow This order has been queued or is currently being processed. 


There is currently no action required from your end. If you have noticed an order with this status for a long period of time, then please submit a support ticket and ensure to include the sales record (ID) in column 2 of the report. 
Purple Amazon has restricted the number of times this item can be ordered. 


You could try to find another supplier for this item or you will have to cancel the order. For more information on how to deal with limited quantity items, please refer to  this article

Auto Ordering Reports - Video Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial to understand what you can see on this report and get useful insights of how you can use this report. 

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