Bulk Upload Report

The Bulk Upload Report can be found under Reports >  Bulk Upload Reports.

This report will support you in viewing the details for each bulk upload.

On the report you can see: 

  • The ID, status and process time for each pending and/or completed bulk upload
  • Diving into each bulk upload will reveal a detailed list for each listing included in the bulk upload
  • A variety of actions that can be performed to your listings before uploading them to eBay

3 Report Sections 

There are 3 sections to the bulk upload report:

  • Pending Bulk Uploads 
  • Bulk Upload Details 
  • Completed Bulk Uploads

Pending Bulk Uploads

Please note: 

Your uploads WILL NOT be uploaded to eBay unless you have previewed them and confirmed the upload. In order to do this, you should wait until the status of your upload says "Pending", then click on the "Edit/View" button for that upload.

Report Column Description
Upload ID This is the identification number (ID) for your pending bulk upload. 

In order to list the items on eBay you will have to click on the upload ID, and then confirm the bulk upload. How to do this will be explained in section 2 of this article.
Started At This column shows the date and time the last monitoring run was performed for your account. 

Profit Scraper bulk uploads will be kept in your account for 30 days. After this they are permanently deleted with no further track record of the data.
Status This column shows the status of your bulk upload, which on the 'Pending Tab' will always remain at 'Pending'. 
Items The number of items included in the bulk upload. 
Est. time left to process This column shows estimated time which is left to process the bulk upload.
Note In the 'Note' column you can leave a note for each of the bulk uploads. This could include things like 'When is my bulk upload scheduled?', 'Any particular brand, items categories that are included in this bulk upload' etc.
Schedule With this feature you can schedule your bulk uploads to any date and time in the future. 

Once scheduled, the bulk upload will start automatically and the status will change to 'Complete' once the upload is done. 
Action The action column allows you to either view the details of the bulk upload or to delete the bulk upload.
Clicking on 'Edit/View' will take you to the Bulk Uploads Detail report, which is section 2 of this article.

Bulk Upload Details 

On the Bulk Upload Details report you will find the full list of items included in each Bulk Upload Report. 

Before you upload any items to eBay you can amend each individual listing or a number of listings in bulk. 

Amending individual listings

You can amend each individual listing via the icons in the 'Action' column at the right side of the report. 

Action Icon Description
Pen Icon Clicking on the 'pen icon' will open the item editor where you can

  • Amend item details & images
  • Amend eBay category
  • Change custom margin & stock levels
  • Rectify any listing errors (if applicable)

Magnifying Glass Icon Clicking on the 'magnifying glass icon' will open the listing at preview in a new browser window.
Delete Icon Clicking on the 'delete icon' will delete this listing only.
Upload Icon Clicking on the 'upload icon' will upload this listing only. 

Amending listings in bulk

Besides amending listings individually you can amend a multiple selected listings in bulk. These options can be viewed in the top right hand corner by clicking on 'Actions'. 

To use these options simply select those items which you would like to amend, then click on the desired option on the dropdown. If further details are needed, then a pop-up window will open with further instructions.

Completed Bulk Uploads

After you have uploaded items to eBay, you will find a record of this upload on the Bulk Upload Reports, under the 'Completed' tab. 
The columns on this report are very similar to the columns on the 'Pending Bulk Upload Reports'. 

The Status of your report should now be 'Completed. Should you have failed items, as seen under the 'Failed' column, click on 'View' under the 'Action' column. 

The listings that have failed will have a blue box in the last column, as seen below. You can click on the box to see more details and resolution options for the error. 

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