Monitoring Report

The Monitoring Report can be found under Reports >  Monitoring Report.

This report will support you in viewing the results for each monitoring run

On the report you can see: 

  • The ID, status and number of eBay errors for each monitoring run
  • Diving into each monitoring run will reveal details for each item included in the latest run 
  • A detailed list of items that has flagged one or more eBay errors 

Below please find explanations for the columns found on the Monitoring Report: 

List of monitoring runs: 

Report Column Description
Run ID This is the identification number (ID) for your latest monitoring run. Clicking on the number will provide further details for each item included. 

Tip! When encountering problems with your monitoring reports, please provide this Run ID when opening a support ticket. This will allow for a quicker turnaround of your query.

Please note: Data for monitoring runs is kept in your account for 24 hours and will be deleted automatically afterwards.

Started At This column shows the date and time the last monitoring run was performed for your account. 

Tip! Profit Scraper monitoring runs are performed every 45 min.
Run Status This column shows the status of your monitoring runs. 
Items The number of items included in the monitoring run. 
OOS This column shows the number of items which have been out of stock (OOS) at the time of the monitoring run. 

Please note: Should an item drop OOS in between monitoring runs, Profit Scraper will not reflect this change until after the next scheduled run (usually every 45 min.).

eBay Updates This figure reflects the number of listings for which Profit Scraper has determined a change in price or stock. 

Click on the Run ID and view the 'eBay Updates' tab to get a list of all listings that have been updated. 
For each listing you can see the changes that have been applied in the 'Selling Price' and/or 'Stock Level' columns, see below. 

Please note: Should the number on the left be smaller than the number on the right, e.g.  67/70, it means that there have been errors for some of the items. You can view the errors, as described below.

eBay Errors The number of errors that have been flagged by eBay during the monitoring run. 

Click on the Run ID and view the 'eBay Updates Errors' tab to get a list of all listings with errors. 
Click 'View Errors' to see the error description and suggested steps to resolve the error. 

Selling Performance 

For each listing included in a monitoring run, you can see the Selling Performance. 

To see the details, simply click on 'Selling Performance' in the last column of the report, called 'Active'. A pop-up will be opened with general listing details as well as more defined key performance indicators to analyse listing performance.

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