Auto Ordering Errors

In rare cases, Auto Ordering can flag error messages. This articles explains the most common Auto Ordering errors and shows how you can see whether an order has an error. 

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Common Auto Ordering Errors

The below table lists the most common auto ordering errors, offers a description, resolution and further links or help articles for you to understand the errors fully.

Error Message Description / Resolution Further Links / Help Articles
"We're sorry. This item has a limited purchase quantity.
We have changed your purchase quantity to the maximum allowable."
Basically, a "limited purchase quantity" error means that Amazon or an FBA seller has placed a limit of how many of a particular item you can purchase. 


The way to get around this issue is to simply open a 2nd Amazon account with a different email address and then place these orders manually with the 2nd Amazon account. If you find that too difficult, then it might be easier to delist these items or mark them as Out Of Stock so you don't sell them in future. 
Setting up a 2nd Amazon account 

The order contains add-on items Add On items are thousands of lower-cost Amazon items that cannot be ordered individually. In order to purchase these items, you must bundle the Add On item with other items in order to get the order total over the minimum threshold. 


In order to process bundle ordering for Add On items when using the Auto Order feature of Profit Scraper, you need to turn on bundle ordering in the following setting under Marketplace Settings > Auto Ordering > Amazon:

Turn on bundle ordering

Address errors with Global Shipping Program (GSP) A small amount of members using the GSP program are getting errors with addresses on the Auto Ordering report. This is because Profit Scraper is retrieving the International customer address rather than the GSP address. 


Unfortunately eBay is the culprit for this issue as their API call is not providing the GSP shipping address. The value is missing for those orders.
Further details
ERROR: Freight Forwarding detected. A Freight Forwarding address can sometimes be used to place orders with the aim of receiving cash back. However, the actual address is not a valid address. The error message is set up to protect your account. 


We recommend to cancel any orders with this error message. Should you choose to still place the order anyway, you can do so by logging into your Amazon account and directly placing the order there manually. 

Spotting Auto Ordering Errors

All Auto Orders with errors can be seen on your Auto Ordering report. To view your Auto Ordering Report navigate to REPORTS > AUTO ORDERING. 

In the 'Pending' tab you can see the list of orders which are either being processed by Profit Scraper or which are showing errors. 

You can spot errors by the coloured lines on the left and right of the order row, as seen below.

The colours stand for different errors, as seen here: 

An error can be further inspected by clicking on the 'log' icon which is situated in the last column of each order row. This will show the stage at which the order got stuck, which in the majority of cases is down to an Amazon error. If you are unsure as to why the order got stuck, please open a ticket for the team to investigate,

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