Bulk Upload Error Messages

During a bulk upload you may see one ore more errors which will be described in detail below.

Error Message Description / Resolution Further Links / Help Articles
Blocked Words Error Message 
Sometimes words that appear in your listing titles or descriptions can raise red flags at eBay, resulting in potential suspensions. Profit Scraper keeps an internal database of words that have been known to cause problems with users in the past.


The articles to the right will explain the options you have to resolve this problem.
What are blocked words   

Ignore blocked words

PayPal Email Not Found If you receive this error when uploading items you should ensure your Paypal account is linked to your eBay account.


Click on the link to the right to connect your PayPal account.

Please note: Without fixing this error, listings can neither be uploaded to eBay nor be monitored for price/stock updates. 

Link PayPal to your eBay account

Free postage is only applicable for the first postage service
If you see this error in your bulk upload report, it means you have chosen a premium shipping service in your  Marketplace eBay settings but you haven't entered a price for it.


If you want to charge eBay customers $9.99 or £3.95 for fast shipping you would need to enter 9.99 or 3.95 into the Premium Shipping Cost field.

If you do not want to charge for fast delivery, then change the Premium Shipping Service value to   Please choose an option. This will turn it off completely.

Please note: Please note that any changes to shipping costs will only apply to new listings added from that point forwards and not your existing listings. To update existing listings you should do this in Bulk on eBay's website directly.

Shipping settings page 

Before you can list this item we need some additional information
If you get this error message when using the Bulk Upload tool for the first time, it means that eBay need some additional information from you before Profit Scraper can start creating listings on auto pilot.


To solve this, you should login to eBay directly and try to manually create a listing. eBay should then ask you for the missing information it requires.

eBay Policies Errors

Possible Error Messages

  • Postage policy is required.
  • Payment policy is required.
  • Returns policy is required.


Opt out of Business Policies in your eBay account. Click on the link for reference on where to opt out. 

You might then have to add any policies to your listings, via the Profit Scraper listing template editor. 

eBay Business Policies

Listing Template Editor

The Duration GTC day(s) is not available for this account type If you see this error message when trying to upload items using the Bulk upload tool, it means that you have not subscribed to an eBay store.

An eBay shop is a requirement for using Profit Scraper. Please follow the link to the right for instructions on how to set up an eBay shop.
After your eBay shop has been set up, you can retry to upload the failed listings again.

Subscribe to an eBay store

Errors for listings with variations

Possible Error Messages

  • The item specific Size Type is missing. 
  • The item specific Size is missing. 
  • The item specific Style is missing. 


  • Add Size Type to this listing, enter a valid value, and then try again.
  • Add Size to this listing, enter a valid value, and then try again.
  • Add Style to this listing, enter a valid value, and then try again.
Monitor listings with dropdown options

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