Connecting your eBay account to Profit Scraper

Connecting your eBay account to Profit Scraper is an important first step. It enables Profit Scraper to do the following:

  • Import your existing eBay listings that you may have.
  • Enable you to upload new listings to eBay.
  • Protect your eBay account so that other Profit Scraper members cannot use our Item Finder tool on your own account.
  • Import eBay orders so that they can be "auto ordered" on supplier websites such as Amazon.

Please note: If you already have an eBay account connected and instead want to connect additional eBay accounts,   please click here.

Connecting your first eBay account to Profit Scraper

If this is the first time you are connecting an eBay account to Profit Scraper, please follow these steps.

From the member's menu, choose Tools > eBay > Connect eBay Account
Press the blue "Connect" button.
Follow the steps on the screen. Please ensure that after granting access to Profit Scraper inside your eBay account, you must click the link in the last step on Profit Scraper as seen here:
Once your account has been connected successfully, you are ready to start entering your User Settings.

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