Useful Resources

The following is a list of useful resources for PS members to take advantage of

These resources are all approved, however, because of many factors involved, Profit Scraper cannot guarantee an increase in profits by using these services. 

Profit Scraper Facebook Group

Facebook Group

Learn tips and tricks about drop shipping from other experienced PS members, some of who sell hundreds of items daily! Feel free to ask questions about your particular situation, or browse hundreds of discussions had over the past 1.5 years. Whether just starting out or a long-time eBay veteran, join the group here:

Dropship Bot Chrome Extension

Dropship Bot

Now you can benefit from two amazing features, including our bulk item grabber for all our supported stores as well as our automated Amazon address cleaner!
To install the extension head over to:

Training tutorials:

Address Cleaner:
Item Grabber:

eBay Ninja Course - by Chris Smith

eBay ninja

To learn even more about maximising the success of your listings we highly recommend Chris Smith's eBay Ninja course. Profit Scraper members enjoy a 50% discount off the usual price (applied on the basket page). 

Profit Scraper Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Earn money by helping spread the word about Profit Scraper! For anyone you refer, we pay $25 RECURRING per signup (not including free trials). All commissions are paid recurring each month, for as long as your referred members are active. Sign up here:

Profit Scraper Trained Virtual Assistants - by Igal

Trained VA

Need help finding and listing hot selling items daily, optimising titles, item specifics, etc? This service locates and trains VAs specifically for Profit Scraper, so if you're looking to hire a trained VA, this can save you a lot of time and headache. Click here for details:

Customer Service Templates - by Idit Gal

Inside you will find responses to the most common situations in customer service, such as cancellation of orders, feedback revision requests, returns, lost/damaged items, delays etc. So rather than trying to come up with the best replies to your buyers, who often ask the same questions, these templates will save you precious time. Acquire your own copy at the link below for only $9.95:


Top Cashback

TopCashBack is a way to receive money back on certain items purchased from Amazon and Walmart. A percentage of the purchase is returned to you as a cash back rebate when you complete your purchase. It’s just like using a coupon, except all money is earned after the purchase has been successfully tracked. Sign up here:

Purchase UK Amazon Gift Cards (buy UK Amazon gift cards and get a 1% reward)

InkFrog Management Software


InkFrog's lister and manager includes built in eBay messaging, multiple eBay ID support, multiple eBay market support, and much more. Especially useful if you are using VA's to perform customer service tasks with multiple accounts, as they can work without the need to log into to your eBay account.

Getting Started Checklist for Download

When you first sing up for Profit Scraper there will be a getting started checklist featured within your membership account. However, if you prefer to manually tick off the tasks on the getting started checklist, you can download this template here.

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