Easily grab your own items with our Dropship Bot Chrome extension

This article explains how to use our Item Grabber which is one of the features of our Dropship Bot Chrome Extension

Supported Stores

The current version of the Item Grabber works with the below variety of websites. 

NOW SUPPORTING ALI EXPRESS! Included in your membership, you can now use dropship bot to scrape items from Ali Express. To find out more about how to utilise Ali Express as a supplier for your dropshipping business,  click here


Open the Chrome browser on desktop and visit the following URL to find the Dropship Bot extension: 


Click add to Chrome and the extension should be installed instantly. 

Activate the Item Grabber

On clicking on the extension icon in the browser bar (upper right hand corner)  you should now see the starting screen from which you can activate the Amazon Item Grabber. 

Please note: Before you click on 'Enable Item Grabber' make sure you are on a category page, search result page or product page of one of the websites seen in the beginning of this article. 

Using the Item Grabber

Once activated you should now see the below screen at the bottom of your browser. 

Features Explained! 

Grab Items

By clicking on the 'Grab Items' button, the item grabber will grab the 'Product Title', 'Price' as well as the 'SKU/ASIN'. For Amazon only, there will also be a column indicating whether or not the item is an add-on product. 

At the bottom of the item table you can also view the number of items that have been added to the table as well as navigate between pages:


To copy the items you have added to your list, you can simply click on the blue 'Copy ALL Items' button.

If you just want to copy selected items from your list, select the item(s) first, then click on the blue ' Copy SELECTED Items' button. 

The SKUs/ASINs are now copied to your clipboard, ready to be pasted into Profit Scraper. 

Remove ALL / SELECTED Items

You can also remove all or selected items from your list by selecting one of the red buttons. 

Video tutorial 

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