Amazon Address Cleaner

This article explains how to use our Amazon Address Cleaner which is one of the features of our Dropship Bot Chrome Extension


Open the Chrome browser on desktop and visit the following URL to find the Dropship Bot extension:

Click add to Chrome and the extension should be installed instantly. 

Activate the Amazon Address Cleaner 

On clicking on the extension icon in the browser bar (upper right hand corner) you should now see the starting screen from which you can activate the Amazon Address Cleaner. 

Please note: Make sure you are on your Amazon address page, otherwise the feature will not start as requested. 

You can see your Amazon address page within your Amazon account, see below:

Using the Amazon Address Cleaner 

Once you have activated the address cleaner you should see the screen below: 

Excluding addresses from being deleted

As you can see above, within the text box you can add the first name, last name or full name of those addresses which you DO NOT want to delete. 

This could be your own address or addresses of friends/parents/work which you might want to keep using for your personal deliveries. 

Starting the deletion process

Once you have added the names of the addresses which you would like to keep, you can now start the deletion process. 

For this simply click on 'Start Deleting Addresses'. 

You will now see a blue button which shows the number of addresses that are being deleted.

Stop the deletion process

You can stop the deletion process at any time by clicking on the red button 'Stop Deleting' but you will need to be quick as the page is constantly refreshing every second or so.

Video tutorial  

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